How to Flatten a Penny?

Answer If you've ever wanted to flatten a penny (or any other kind of coin), but do not know how, this article will teach you a very easy way that does not require much work, just a coin itself and a rail... Read More »

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How to Flatten Your Cap Brim?

Baseball players have traditionally worn caps that feature a slight curve in the bill. Lately, flattened brims on hats are the desired fashion trend. Most hats have a slight natural curve when you ... Read More »

I want to know how to flatten my stomach a bit?

Eat less fatty foods because thats where the little bulge is coming from. Do sit ups every morning and night & also do cardio exercises like running!

How to flatten my stomach and get abs?

Personally, I feel a simple approach is the best. Don't bother with gym memberships or expensive equipment. I am a 16 year old boy, and this past summer I tried to get myself in better shape. Th... Read More »

How to Flatten a Tattoo?

New tattoos are usually sensitive for the first week or so after you get the tattoo. Additionally, they may be raised for awhile after the tattooing procedure is done. Tattoos appear raised because... Read More »