How to Flatten Your Cap Brim?

Answer Baseball players have traditionally worn caps that feature a slight curve in the bill. Lately, flattened brims on hats are the desired fashion trend. Most hats have a slight natural curve when you ... Read More »

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What do brim eat?

Brim eats smaller fish like mullets and occasionallyeats nippers and worms

What is 35 relation to brim?

When you have a home birth you need a kiddie pool or bath tub full of warm water to help relax the mother, induce contractions, and help relax the cervix. You need the towels to keep the baby warm ... Read More »

What does relation to brim mean?

Answer The female pelvis is shaped like a bowl with the bottom cut off.The top of the pelvis is called the brim and the bottom is called the outlet.Towards the end of pregnancy the part of the baby... Read More »

What does a midwife mean if she says 'it's at the brim'?

Answer By 'lying in the brim' we mean that the baby's head is just at the top of the bony pelvis (pelvic brim) so the head is not engaged but almost certainly will be soon. As you have only 4 weeks... Read More »