How to Flat Twist Hair?

Answer Flat twists are a popular African-American hairstyle for women with natural (non-chemically straightened) hair. Some people find it easier to design this style than cornrows because fashioning corn... Read More »

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How to Flat Twist Curly Hair?

Flat twist hairstyles provide a lasting look for curly hair while protecting the hair from excessive damage. This style is helpful for curly, thick hair as its natural wave, curl and thickness help... Read More »

How to Do a Flat Twist on Black Hair?

The flat twist is a popular hairstyle for African American females. Similar to cornrows and often called "cornrolls," a flat twist is a simpler way to accomplish a comparable look. Once completed p... Read More »

How to Flat Twist Natural Hair?

Flat-twisting natural (non-chemical straightened) hair is similar to french-braiding. French-braiding used three strands of hair compared to flat-twists which only uses two. Flat-twists are a versa... Read More »

How to Flat Twist Permed Hair?

Flat twists are similar to cornrows except the method of creating them uses two strands of hair instead of three. Similar to the concept of French braiding as well in that you pick up more hair as ... Read More »