How to Flash the Laptop Bios?

Answer Have you discovered a strange problem with your VGN-SZ? It may well be that your laptop bios cannot perfectly support the second memory bank if you have installed one.

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How to Flash the BIOS in an R31?

Flashing the BIOS on your Lenovo R31 refers to the process of overwriting the existing information on the motherboard's BIOS chip to replace it with an updated version. This is possible through the... Read More »

How to Flash the 8800 GTX BIOS?

The Geforce 8800 GTX is a midrange computer graphics card made by Nvidia. The Geforce 8800 GTX was among the first SLI-capable graphics card to feature support for the DirectX 10 file library, and ... Read More »

How to Install Flash BIOS?

To update your Basic Input Output System or BIOS, you need to install or flash the BIOS to the most recent version. Installing a new version of the BIOS is called "flashing." The new BIOS overwrite... Read More »

How Do I Flash the BIOS in a New Barebones PC?

The BIOS, or basic input/output system, of the computer is a firmware application encoded within a flash chip on the computer's motherboard. Revisions to the BIOS may occur between the time the mot... Read More »