How to Fix the Title on the Cover of jPod?

Answer Douglas Coupland's newest book jPod seems to have a slight identity crisis.While the team of computer programmers is called jPod throughout the book, on the cover it is spelled JPod on the US editi... Read More »

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How to Cover up a Title Not Centered on the Page?

Have you ever had to do a report but when you write the title on your page you find out its not centered? IF you do not have access to another piece of paper than keep reading.

Does Title 19 insurance cover illness of the disabled individual when he is traveling abroad?

Depends on region and locale. Monthly rental prices can vary from a couple hundred to thousands per month ... it would be difficult, at best, to average out all apartments.

How do I link a title to another sheet in Excel It just shows the number '0' instead of the title?

If by "title" you mean the text at the beginning of a column (or row) that tells what the data in the column (or row) is about, then you need a simple Formula that References the other Worksheet an... Read More »

Parts of a Book: Title Page, Cover Page and End Page?

Books have been published for thousands of years and on thousands of different subjects. Books are separated into sections, or parts, to make reading and finding the information you are seeking eas... Read More »