How to Fix the Starter in a 1993 Toyota 4Runner?

Answer Fixing the starter on a 1993 Toyota 4Runner requires replacing the starter motor assembly. Before you remove the starter motor, turn on the ignition switch and listen for the starter motor turning ... Read More »

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Toyota 4Runner Starter Issues?

The Toyota 4Runner has been a reliable SUV according to most car reviews, such as, but some 4Runner owners have experienced starter problems. The 2005 4Runner has had several reports of... Read More »

How to Change a '91 Toyota 4Runner Starter?

You will know when your starter begins to fail. Your SUV may hesitate before it starts or you might have to try to start it a couple of times. When you begin to notice this, you should replace the ... Read More »

How to Check for a Bad Starter on a Toyota 4Runner?

Toyota 4 Runners are known for their reliability under all sorts of conditions. This doesn't mean that you won't encounter problems with them on occasion, but knowing how to check for what is wrong... Read More »

How to Replace the Starter on a Toyota 4Runner?

The starter on a Toyota 4Runner is a device whose purpose is to start the vehicle. It is located at the back of the engine, and it connects to the flywheel. When the ignition key is turned to the "... Read More »