How to Fix the Regulator on a Ford Pickup Door?

Answer The window regulator inside your Ford truck's door is a mechanical, scissor-like device that controls the up and down movement of the window glass. In the event the regulator malfunctions or breaks... Read More »

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Ford Explorer Rear Door Window Regulator Replacement Instructions?

Ford Explorers use a cable style of window regulator to raise and lower the window. Usually, the cable is the problem with these units: The cable either breaks or comes unwound on the spool. This c... Read More »

How to Remove Door Panels From a Ford Pickup Truck?

Removing the door panels from your Ford pickup truck makes it easier to repair the power windows and electric locks or replace the speaker that is installed in the door. The driver's side door pane... Read More »

How Do I Remove a 1997 Ford Pickup Door Handle?

The 1997 Ford truck lineup included the F-Series trucks and the Ranger. The F-Series and Ranger were available in standard and extended cab versions. Removing the door handles on a 1997 Ford pickup... Read More »

How to Remove the Inside Door Handle on a Ford Pickup?

You can access the inside of the door on a Ford pickup if you need to repair or upgrade something connected to the door. This can include a speaker in the door or a broken door handle. In most For... Read More »