How to Fix the Master File Table's Bitmap Attribute in Windows XP?

Answer The Master File Table is the section of your hard drive containing a central repository of all of the information on the drive, unique to NTFS systems as used by Windows XP. Repairing the bitmap at... Read More »

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How to Recover Master File Tables?

The master file table is as important as its name implies, and if it goes awry your user-created data may become corrupt. When PC users create, edit and save a file to the hard drive, a record is k... Read More »

What is the file extension for a bitmap image?

The file extension for a bitmap image is .bmp. Bitmap image files are large and uncompressed, displaying pictures created by a rectangular grid of pixels. To save space, many pictures on computers ... Read More »

What is the correct formula for calculating the file size of a bitmap image?

How to Convert a Bitmap Image Into a File Format Supported by wikiHow?

wikiHow's software accepts most image formats used by digital cameras and graphics programs, including GIF, JPEG and PNG. However, Bitmap (BMP) images will need to be converted. Here is how to do t... Read More »