How to Fix the Locking Mechanism on My Door Knob?

Answer The good news about fixing the locking mechanism on your door knob is that minor problems are fairly simple to fix. The bad news is that often, the best way to fix more complex problems is to repla... Read More »

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How to Open a Bathroom Door When the Door Knob Won't Work?

Locking passage knobs, such as those found on bathroom doors, are notorious for becoming stuck, or getting locked while a small child, or perhaps no one, is inside. There are several methods you ca... Read More »

How to Repair a Car Door Lock Mechanism?

Stuck car-door locks can be a frustrating and baffling issue. Not being able to get into your car or having your automatic locking mechanism not work makes a difficult situation, but it is a situat... Read More »

How to Fix a Broken Microwave Door Mechanism?

Inside the door on your microwave is a latch mechanism that secures the door when it is closed. This latch needs to be secure for the microwave to start. Over time, it is possible for this latch to... Read More »

How to Replace a Chevy Blazer Door Lock Mechanism?

The Chevy Blazer door lock mechanism is part of the latch assembly located inside the door, and requires the removal of the door panel to replace it. The tools and skills required to perform this r... Read More »