How to Fix the Itunes Xcode 4.1 Installation Error in Mac Os X Lion?

Answer When Apple releases a new upgrade to their desktop and laptop computer operating system, OS X, it typically goes through a number of testing phases before a public release. While the same was true ... Read More »

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How to Fix a Fatal iTunes Error During Installation?

iTunes is the official media player Apple installs on all its new computers. The program is also useful for Windows users as a means of managing iPod, iPad and iPhone devices. If you attempt to ins... Read More »

How to Download Xcode 4.1 for Mac OS X Lion?

When Apple released the latest version of their operating system for Mac computers, OS X Lion, they also released an update to their Xcode development environment for iPhone, Mac, and iPad. They al... Read More »

Need help with an installation error?

Hi AliciaAre you logging as the Administrator and are others using your computer under a different logon?If so, than, they left messenger running. You would have to go in their account and close it... Read More »

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