How to Fix the Itunes Xcode 4.1 Installation Error in Mac Os X Lion?

Answer When Apple releases a new upgrade to their desktop and laptop computer operating system, OS X, it typically goes through a number of testing phases before a public release. While the same was true ... Read More »

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How to Fix a Fatal iTunes Error During Installation?

iTunes is the official media player Apple installs on all its new computers. The program is also useful for Windows users as a means of managing iPod, iPad and iPhone devices. If you attempt to ins... Read More »

How to Download Xcode 4.1 for Mac OS X Lion?

When Apple released the latest version of their operating system for Mac computers, OS X Lion, they also released an update to their Xcode development environment for iPhone, Mac, and iPad. They al... Read More »

When i click restore on itunes it says that its preparing iPhone for restore but then i get an error 1603 msg why is my iPhone is stuck at connect iPhone to itunes screen?

Firmware is the name given to the set of programs that are an integral part of the operation of a computer's hardware. They enable to hardware to function properly and allow software to run on the ... Read More »

Unknown Installation Error?

Format the hard drive then install windows. You can do that with The UBD you can boot with it. Hiram boot disk is You can f... Read More »