How to Fix the Hazard Lights on a 1997 GMC?

Answer The hazard lights on 1997 GMC vehicles are in the headlamp assembly. Fixing them is simply a matter of accessing the assembly and replacing the correct bulb. Although the type of bulb may differ am... Read More »

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Should you put ur hazard lights on when there is a broken down car at lights?

No.Only use your hazzards if YOU have broken down, or you are on a fast moving road and you need to warn following drivers of a sudden stop ahead (such as a traffic jam) - read the Highway Code, it... Read More »

When Should You Use Your Hazard Warning Lights?

The hazard lights of a standard commercial vehicle engage all four turning signals, blinking them simultaneously in the front and rear of the car. An eye-catching universal signal of distress, this... Read More »

How to Drive With Hazard Lights On?

Hazard lights are a a feature on most automobiles that make the car's lights flash continuously in order to indicate an emergency or hazard. As the name suggests, these lights should only be used i... Read More »

How do I drive with hazard lights on?

Turn on the hazard lights by pressing the button with the triangle. The button is typically located on the dashboard of the vehicle or the center console, where the radio controls are. This will en... Read More »