How to Fix the Door Hinge on a Chevy Silverado?

Answer The door hinges on your Chevy Silverado truck are welded in place on the truck body and cannot be easily removed. These hinges might come loose over time at the fasteners and cause the door to sag,... Read More »

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How To Replace the 2001 Silverado Door Hinge Pin?

The designation Silverado was first introduced in 1930 and remains unchanged today. The designation Silverado is reserved for the top-of-the line Chevy trucks from an appointment standpoint such as... Read More »

Chevy Van Door Hinge Removal?

Removing a Chevy van's door hinge is a rather simple task of removing some bolts and connecting wires if there are powered components housed in the door. The real complication of removing a hinge i... Read More »

How to Remove a Side Door Hinge Pin on a Chevy Van?

The side door on a Chevrolet van is opened and closed on hinges, and these hinges have pins inside of them. The weight of the door and frequent use can wear the pins down, which causes the door to ... Read More »

How to Replace the Door Hinge on a Chevy Pickup?

Door hinges become worn due to the constant opening and closing of the door. The hinges not only allow the door to be opened, they also keep the door in place and in line with the vehicle. If a hin... Read More »