How to Fix the Body Rust in Car Panels?

Answer Rust on a car is like cancer. It will spread and eventually cause structural damage that cannot be repaired. Even a small amount of rust can spread under the paint, revealing nothing until the pain... Read More »

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How to Remove Rust & Restore Body Panels?

Rust on body panels will eat away at the exterior of your car until there is nothing left. That is why restoring rusted body panels is a big part of car restoration. There are several ways to compl... Read More »

How to Fix Rust on Pontiac Montana Body Panels?

The Pontiac Montana was a minivan sold by General Motors from 1998 through the 2006 model year. As these vans age, more and more develop problems with rust on the broad body panels, especially in n... Read More »

Can solar panels rust?

Rust is made up of a combination of iron and oxygen. Since photovoltaic solar cells are made of either crystalline or amorphous silicon, they are incapable of rusting. Of course, if they are conne... Read More »

How to Fix Bad Rust Quarter Panels?

Auto manufacturers usually fit splash shields to the inner wheel arches of quarter panels to protect vehicles from the perils of dirt, rain and salt. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to compl... Read More »