How to Fix iPod Error 48?

Answer Drat! Again, you plug in your iPod. It appears on the screen, but then a little box comes up saying something about error -48. Now you can't get anything on your iPod. In most cases, this method wi... Read More »

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Just bought the alpine cda-105 CD receiver and kcu-440i usb iPod cable and when you plug your iPod in the head unit wont recognize it it doesn't do anything like display error messages it just doesn't?

if youre plugging right into the usb jack it wont work. the radio doesnt have the required software like a comp does to read and play things off of your ipod. you have to use your aux in. if you ge... Read More »

What does ipod error 69 mean?

ITunes will sometimes give an "error 69" when syncing. The error indicates that the file you are trying to sync is corrupted or otherwise unusable, perhaps open in another program, for example. Try... Read More »

My iPod Says Unknown Error [9]?

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My iPod has an unknown error and won't let me sync anything on to it... What do I do?