How to Fix an Underground Irrigation Leak?

Answer Almost all residential underground irrigation systems use common PVC pipe. This type of piping is preferred because it is easy to work with, it's available at major home improvement stores, and the... Read More »

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How to Fix a Leak in an Underground Sprinkler PVC Tube?

Fixing a leak in an underground sprinkler PVC tube is an easy, albeit messy job. Leaks should be attended to immediately to avoid the waste of water and higher utility bills. Repairing the pipes is... Read More »

How should I go about checking for an underground water leak?

Something is very wrong here. How could you possibly be spending that amount of money on water? I’m just read my Anaheim Public Utilities bill. I paid $41.45 for two months worth of water. Yo... Read More »

Can you run the pool without the skimmer just using the main drain for circulation if you think you have a leak in the underground pipe from the skimmer to the pump?

Answer Sure you can. You'll need to use a net to clean the junk off the top often so it doesn't sink and cause stains or clog up the main drain. Answer You can however it would be a good Idea to re... Read More »

How underground is the london underground?

Unless the smell of brimstone permeates the atmosphere I'd say not all that deep.