How to Fix an Oil Leak in an Engine?

Answer An engine burning oil operates poorly and places the moving components in danger of damage. Without proper lubrication, the pistons and valves begin to warp due to the heat buildup from operating t... Read More »

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How to Repair Engine Oil Leak?

A lot of engine oil leaks can be stopped without the need of a skilled mechanic. 5 to 30 minutes of your time may be required.

How to Repair an Engine Leak?

You don't always have to go the expensive route when repairing an engine leak. Be confident you can locate the source of the leak yourself. Save money when possible. Engine leak repairs vary, so be... Read More »

How to Fix an Engine Coolant Leak?

Your car's coolant system consists of various components. The water pump, shaft seal, radiator, heater cores, freeze plugs, hoses and the engine itself are areas where leaks can occur. The solution... Read More »

How to Detect an Engine Oil Leak?

As a vehicle ages, the gaskets and seals inside its engine gradually deteriorate, allowing for oil to escape from the oiling system. Depending upon the degree of deterioration and location of the f... Read More »