How to Fix an Invalid Path Error in Nero 7.0?

Answer This particular Nero 7 error --- and it is unique to Nero version 7 and earlier --- occurs when you attempt to burn files to a CD or DVD from a folder on your hard drive that Nero cannot find. The ... Read More »

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What is an invalid syntax error?

According to the Scripting Master website, an invalid syntax error refers to a situation in which the rules of the computer language are broken. For example, a HTML syntax error on a web page alter... Read More »

What Is the Common Cause of an Invalid Boot Disk Error?

An invalid boot disk error is usually encountered when starting up a computer system. This error can occur for several reasons, including an invalid disk, recent software or hardware installation, ... Read More »

How to retrieve sent email with invalid address@syntax error?

If it was sent with invalid address&syntax should have came back to you...otherwise you would not be aware of it. You can find that e-mail in your in box and also in the sent box......

The sims 3 update "Invalid file found" error!?

ok so ive been working on this so far becuase i had the same problem and it was really bugging me, ok go to your sims 3 folder and go into /Game/Bin. There click on the "default icon" with a little... Read More »