How to Fix an Ignition Switch in a Stove Top?

Answer Gas ranges have an igniter installed on each burner on the stovetop, which lights the gas produced by the burner on which it is installed. The igniter produces approximately three to five crisp spa... Read More »

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What is wrong with my electronic ignition stove?

Long-term use and residue from cooking create issues with electronic ignitions in modern stoves. The number-one source of problems with electronic ignition stoves frequently occurs with the igniter... Read More »

How to Adjust the Ignition Timing on a Kenmore Stove?

A problem with the ignition timing in a Kenmore stove may result in the igniter’s failure to spark in a timely manner, or it may not ignite at all. First check to see if the igniter is covered w... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Gas Stove Burner Ignition Problems?

Gas stoves are more energy efficient and cost effective to run than electric stoves, using flames to heat food instead of electric burners. There are a few important reasons why a gas stove burner ... Read More »

How to Replace a GE Profile Stove Pilotless Electronic Ignition?

The GE Profile gas oven ranges use an electronic ignition to spark the gas flame instead of a pilot light. The ignitor for the stove resides beneath the burners. Unlike a pilot light, the ignitor ... Read More »