How to Fix an Essay?

Answer A essay is one of the most common school assignments, and educators assign essays across all grade levels and almost all subjects. You may have taken a great deal of time to thoroughly research and... Read More »

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How to Write a Whole Essay With Transition Words for a College Essay?

In the hands of a skillful writer, transition words can be a powerful tool. Transition words are words or phrases used to connect, change or recall ideas within the body of an essay. If you've ever... Read More »

How to Use E.G. in an Essay?

E.g. is an abbreviation for the Latin term "exempli gratia," which translates as "free example" in English. As this term implies, e.g. is used to give an example of something as means of exposition... Read More »

How to End an Essay?

The key to getting top grade on an essay is to finish it with a bang. Here are 5 Top Tips guaranteed to leave your reader with a good impression! Even if your writing was a bit patchy in places in ... Read More »

How to Lay Out an Essay?

Once your research is complete, it's time to get organized and start writing your essay. An organized format is crucial to ensuring the reader is able to understand the information provided in your... Read More »