How to Fix an Argument You've Had With Your Friend?

Answer Have you had an argument with your friend recently that you want to fix up? Read this article.

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How to Avoid Getting Into an Argument With a Friend?

Arguments can happen. These can make or break a friendship very quickly. Here is how you can take the right course of action when an argument comes up.

How to Make Things Right Between You and Your Friend After an Argument?

Everybody quarrels with their friends sometimes. Sometimes after the fight the two friends may not be able to come to grips that it's possible to forgive one another and refuse to talk to each othe... Read More »

Argument with a friend! Shes a vegan and I am a meat eater.?

Besides the rude ignorant comments that have been stated on here, I may say that what she says is right. She is not delivering it in a way that is compassionable and respectful.For the comment that... Read More »


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