How to Fix an Arcing Ignition Coil?

Answer The single ignition coil, or coil pack on newer models, sends a high voltage spark to the plugs to ignite the combustion gases in the engine cylinder. Coil packs consist of individual coils that ca... Read More »

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How to Prevent Ignition Coil Arcing?

Damaged or loose electrical connections on the ignition coil can cause electrical arcing. The coil will produce a weak or no spark at all, affecting engine performance or preventing the engine from... Read More »

Problems With Getting No Spark From the Ignition Coil & Ignition Issues?

Certain requirements must be met for an ignition coil to produce the high-voltage spark that fires an engine. Problems associated with meeting these requirements can be as simple as a corroded wire... Read More »

The Difference in a Lighting Coil & an Ignition Coil?

Induction coils play a significant part in a car's function by firing the car's spark plugs, which are essential for engine performance. The lighting coils is a self-powered generator system that e... Read More »

How to Replace an Ignition Coil?

The ignition coils in your vehicle's engine are integral parts of the ignition system, as they convert the battery's voltage into the thousands of volts needed for the spark plugs. If all the coils... Read More »