How to Fix a zipper that won't stay up?

Answer I recently bought a pair of jeans only to find out that as I wore them the zipper would ride down. Of course by the time I found out the zipper dropped to half mast I had thrown out the receipt as ... Read More »

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What made the lock red picture stay on my front load ge dryer stay on the dryer wont work?

That mean there is a problem with the drier need a service man to look at the drier........

Why wont my laptop stay charged?

then best option isto take it to a computer store and get them to look at itand see why its not charging correctly

My hair wont stay straight?

Use a good hair spray to hold your straight hair style. My hair is really curly, and I hate it when I've just straightened it and step outside, only to find that it is pouring with rain! (I'm guess... Read More »

Gas oven wont stay heated?

If you're smelling gas then it's not safe to use. Stop now. Call the landlord and have them get a professional in to fix it. Or have the landlord replace it. There's a problem and it's not wort... Read More »