How to Fix a Zipper That is Stuck in Fabric?

Answer Most people have encountered a stuck zipper at some point without panic, since they can often simply be tugged free from the zipper's teeth without damaging the fabric. Occasionally, fabric is stuc... Read More »

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How to Fix a Stuck Zipper?

You've probably run into this jam before: You're zipping up a jacket, and the lining suddenly gets caught in the zipper's teeth. Here's how to get out of it. Does this Spark an idea?

I seem to have gotten my foreskin stuck in my zipper. What is the best way to get it out?

I would hit it with a dose of Pam cooking spray and do jumping jacks.

How to Free a Stuck Zipper?

Freeing a stuck zipper can be an absolutely nerve-wrecking endeavor. Repeated failed attempts to loosen the zipper can make you want to throw the offending item in the trash. Don't wave the white f... Read More »

How to Fix a Stuck Broken Zipper on a Coat?

A stuck or broken zipper on a coat can be frustrating, especially if you are wearing your coat when the zipper fails. Forcing your zipper to open or close is never a good idea and can ruin your zip... Read More »