How to Fix a Vintage Hairdo?

Answer Creating a vintage hairstyle doesn't have to be difficult. Short or long, coarse or fine, women with virtually any type of hair can create a vintage look in just a few steps. Finger waves and pin c... Read More »

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How to Do a 50's Hairdo?

The 1950s were an era of innocence in the United States. Eager to put the war years behind, Americans began to focus on maintaining a happy home and domestic bliss. During this time, women's hairst... Read More »

How to Get an '80s Hairdo?

1980s fashion was characterized by size. From big cell phones to shoulder pads, everything in the 80s had to be big. Bright colors and big hair styles were worn by both men and women. From big ba... Read More »

How to Pin Up a Half Hairdo?

Pinning up a half hairdo is an option for those that wear their hair in a bob or for people who want to keep long hair away from the faces without putting all of the hair up in a ponytail or bun. W... Read More »

How to Add Hairpieces to a Hairdo?

Adding hairpieces to a standard hairdo is an exciting thanks to clean up a glance. whether or not you propose to travel to an enormous party or simply fancy being silly along with your hair on a us... Read More »