How to Fix a Torn Auto Weather Strip?

Answer Weather stripping is an essential component of any automobile. It keeps out the forces of nature, such as dirt, moisture, snow and pollution, protecting the interior. Without it, the metal work wou... Read More »

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How to Replace a Car's Weather Strip?

Weather stripping is found along the windows and doors of cars and is essential to prevent rain and cold air from entering the car. Over time, weather stripping endures as much wear and tear as the... Read More »

How to Weather-Strip a Camaro?

Weatherstripping prevents a Chevrolet Camaro from receiving outside air. This helps the air conditioning and heater function better. After a few years, the old weatherstripping will begin to deteri... Read More »

How to Replace a Garage Door Weather Strip?

When the weatherstripping on the bottom of your garage door becomes frayed and worn, it can let in water, leaves, dirt and snow. Unless you replace it, the bottom of your wooden garage door can ro... Read More »

How to Replace the Driver's Side Weather Strip on a 2003 Ford F-250?

The weather strip on the 2003 Ford F-250 is the rubber seal along the inner edge of the door frame. The weather strip stops water from entering the truck and keeps the wind out of the truck as well... Read More »