How to Fix a Tail Light?

Answer Vehicle taillights are needed items while driving at night for your safety and the safety of others. The taillight beam helps other drivers determine their distance from the rear of your car so the... Read More »

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The Brake Light Won't Work With the Tail Light in a 1988 Chevy Truck?

There are several reasons for a brake light not working on a 1988 Chevrolet truck, such as loose connections, a faulty bulb or broken fuses. If the other lights on the tail lamp assembly are functi... Read More »

How to Install a Parking Light Tail Light Assembly on a Toyota?

All Toyota vehicles come equipped with tail light assemblies at the rear of the vehicle. These tail light assemblies have two or three lights on them, depending on the year the Toyota vehicle was p... Read More »

How to Build Your Own LED Tail Light?

Cars are often a prized possession, and a great deal of money is invested on maintenance, repair and upkeep. Gone are the days when cars were only considered a form of transport; they are considere... Read More »

How to Remove a Tail Light?

The tail lights on your vehicle have a very important job. It is your tail lights that warn other drivers when you are slowing down or stopping. In the dark, your tail lights let other drivers know... Read More »