How to Fix a Stuck EGR Valve?

Answer The exhaust gas recirculation valve within your vehicle is a very important component. The EGR valve works to reduce emissions from your vehicle. The valve directs the exhaust gases into the intake... Read More »

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How to Remove a Stuck PCV Valve?

A positive crankcase ventilation valve -- or PCV valve -- is usually made of ABS or neoprene plastic. The valve presses into the crankcase or the engine block. When the valve clogs, you must replac... Read More »

How to Fix a Stuck Propane Tank Valve?

Dislodging a stuck propane tank valve requires finesse to ensure you do not cause more damage to the handle. Lodged valves can be caused by rust formation, excessive tightening or a foreign substan... Read More »

DIY: A Shower Valve Is Stuck and No Water?

The valves in your shower's faucet control the flow of water, allowing you to moderate how much hot or cold water flows through the shower head by twisting the handles which, in turn, move the valv... Read More »

How to Check a Stuck Engine Valve?

Every engine has intake and exhaust valves. Valves open to intake fuel or expel exhaust. They close when their cycle completes. Valve stems sit in long tubular guides that provide a track for them ... Read More »