How to Fix a Stripped Bolt in an Engine Block?

Answer Engine bolts experience extreme stress during normal operation. This, as well as over-tightening, can sometimes lead to stripped bolts. This is potentially detrimental to your engine, and the overa... Read More »

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How to Remove a Snapped Bolt From an Engine Block?

It's the sound that every mechanic hates to hear: the snapping of a bolt while it's being tightened. Although torque wrenches and other tools make it easier for mechanics and DIYers to tighten bolt... Read More »

How to Extract a Broken Bolt in an Engine Block on a Motorcycle?

Removing a broken bolt from the engine block on a motorcycle is something that anyone who works on their motorcycle should know how to do. You need two tools that you can purchase at any auto parts... Read More »

How to Remove the Steel Bolt From an Aluminum Auto Engine Block?

Removing a stuck steel bolt from an aluminum engine block requires patience and skill. Aluminum engine blocks can easily be rendered useless through reckless attempts to remove stuck bolts. A steel... Read More »

How to Get a Stripped Bolt out of an Oil Pan?

Engines of all sizes are originally built and then usually not disassembled for a long time, until they break down. When it comes time to remove the oil pan, for example, you will find that the bol... Read More »