How to Fix a Sticking Thermostat?

Answer A sticking thermostat is a serious problem. The thermostat is one of the components of your car's cooling system. The thermostat manages the amount of coolant that is distributed through the engine... Read More »

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DVD has started sticking half way through film, have tried cleaning with CD wipes, still sticking. Any ideas?

If other dvd's play fine then its not your reader on the player. SUggest you take it back to the shop for a refund

My furnace won't start up when my thermostat is showing it should be on Its not thermostat, got a new one?

If you don't understand equipment, find someone who does and or call a heating and air repair company. The problem could be any number of things. You have already wasted money on the thermostat t... Read More »

My Fiddle Is Sticking?

If your fiddle isn’t properly cared for and handled, you may find that it becomes more difficult to play. Humidity, careless handling and improper maintenance techniques can cause the strings, tu... Read More »

How to Fix a Sticking Car Window?

Automotive windows can stick or cease to function correctly due to several issues, including a misaligned pane of glass, debris in the window regulator, a damaged regulator, or damage to the door m... Read More »