How to Fix a Squeaky Floor With Squeekender?

Answer Squeeky floorboards can be fixed using basic household tools. This article describes a specific commercial product called squeekender which does the same thing.Squeaky floors are caused by the sepa... Read More »

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How to Fix a Squeaky Floor?

Squeaky floors are irritating and can devalue your home if selling. It may also tell your friends and neighbors that you need to care more for your home! Squeaky floors are caused by the separate p... Read More »

How do I fix a squeaky floor?

If it is a first floor and you have a crawl space or basement under it, you can go under the floor and put wedges between the floor and the beams. Have someone walk along the floor above and you ... Read More »

How to Repair the Subfloor of a Squeaky Floor?

Sneaking into the kitchen to grab a late-night snack and trying not to wake up the entire house may become a difficult task if your subfloor has squeaky boards. The next thing you know, small child... Read More »

I got a squeaky door but no WD40. do you know of anything that will have the same effect on a squeaky door?

Bees wax or candle wax. Bees wax is unbeatable.