How to Fix a Split Nail?

Answer Isn't it really annoying when you're trying to grow your nails nice and long, but then one of them splits? This article will show you how to fix it.

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How to Fix a Split Nail With a Tea Bag?

Split nails ruin a good manicure and you have to cut the nail down to stop it from splitting further. The tea bag method prevents further splitting on the nail and restores its original appearance ... Read More »

How to Treat a Split Nail?

We do a lot with our hands: wash the dishes, clean the house, wash cars. So it's easy to see why every once in a while one of our nails decides to split. This is especially true during the colder w... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Split Nail Bed?

The nail bed is the portion of a fingernail or toenail that is directly next to the laluna, or the white crescent-shaped part at the base of the nail. It contains nerves and blood vessels. Damage t... Read More »

How to Pull a Nail Using the Nail Jack or Nail Hunter?

Reuse wood that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. The Nail Jack and Nail Hunter are tools that accelerate fastener removal from walls, floors, lumber, roofs and other surfaces clean and effi... Read More »