How to Fix a Scratched Game?

Answer If one of your favorite video games has some nasty scratches, don't fret. With the aid of a few household items, you can easily restore the scratched game disc to its former glory. The next time yo... Read More »

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Can i fix a scratched ps2 game?

It is possible to fix a scratched PlayStation 2 game, but the results are never guaranteed and depend on how severe the scratching is. Countless people swear by metal polish as a "DIY" solution. It... Read More »

How to Fix a Scratched Video Game?

Imagine this. You want to play your favorite video game so you fetch it from its case and place it into the game system. But wait. What's this? You get an error message filling the screen instead o... Read More »

How to Repair a Scratched DVD Game?

A scratched disc is a gamer's nightmare, and can cause the game to freeze or not load. Luckily, discs with minor scratches can be fixed using household items or commercial products.

How to Fix a Scratched Ring on a Wii Game Disc?

A Nintendo Wii game disc is like any other optical disc in that it must spin inside of the disc drive to operate properly. The Wii game disc will not spin correctly if there are scratches surroundi... Read More »