How to Fix a Scratched Alloy Rim?

Answer Most cars these days come from the factory will alloy rims, whether they are polished or painted. In many cases, it doesn't take a whole lot to scratch these rims, especially if you accidentally pa... Read More »

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Can aluminum alloy wheels be fixed once scratched?

It is possible to fix aluminum alloy wheels once they are scratched. You can remove minor scratches with a polishing compound. To remove deeper scratches it is best to take the vehicle to a profess... Read More »

Scratched myself so hard I scratched away skin and it burns. What do I do?

LOOOL dont worry about it, i do tht all the time, i scartch myself and wen i look down my arms are red and my skin is rippedd. nothing to worry about juss put cold water on it and some lotion.. it ... Read More »

What is alloy used for?

Alloy is a substance made of more than one metal component. It has a wide variety of applications in structural engineering. These alloys include titanium, cast-irons, zinc, nickel, magnesium, copp... Read More »

What is low alloy steel?

Low-alloy steel is a type of steel (a metal made from iron and carbon) that contains an additional metal, such as molybdenum, nickel, chromium, manganese and/or silicon. The additional metal accoun... Read More »