How to Fix a Ripped Digitizer?

Answer The digitizer on your smart phone or PDA is the touchscreen display on the front of the unit. It is using this digitizer that most of the features on the phone are accessed. If the digitizer isn't ... Read More »

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Can you substitute an IPod touch 2nd gen digitizer for a 3rd gen digitizer?

Can a iPhone 3Gs digitizer fit on a 3G?

no it has different connectors, make sure you by a correct digitizer or your wasting your money. 3g has a larger connector and the 3gs will not click into place on a 3g. even if you force the conne... Read More »

What is an iPhone LCD digitizer?

The iPhone LCD digitizer is the part of the iPhone that translates finger touches on the LCD screen into commands. The digitizer fits underneath the LCD screen and reads the intensity and directio... Read More »

What is a digitizer tablet?

When you see a digitizer tablet near a computer, it's a good bet that computer does some highly specialized work. Digitizer tablets increase the options to those who wish to create computerized pic... Read More »