How to Fix a Radio Antenna?

Answer It all depends on how it is broken, but if it's simply broken in one place, aluminum foil & duct tape can fix it.

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Does a tv antenna differ from a radio antenna?

Both TV and radio antennas are designed to receive shorter radio wavelengths, which is how TV and radio are broadcast. However, there is a difference between analog and digital antennas. For exampl... Read More »

Help with finding a CB radio antenna?

Long Range and Indoor?...... Thats going to be tough..... Look this antenna over.......

How to Build a Ham Radio 900 MHz Antenna?

The amateur 902-928 MHz band holds several advantages over other bands for novices. Because little or no commercially-produced equipment is available specifically for amateur use, traffic on the ba... Read More »

How to Install a Car Antenna for XM Radio?

Satellite radio got its start in North America in 2001 by transmitting programming to orbiting satellites. XM Radio is a satellite radio service available by subscription for your home, vehicle or ... Read More »