How to Fix a Power Window That Won't Go Up?

Answer The invention of power windows made drive-through fast food, drive-through banking and toll booths possible. We don't think anything about these windows until something goes wrong. We can no longer... Read More »

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Can a sliding window be replaced with a power rear window?

There are a number of aftermarket products that can be purchased which allow you to install a power window or replace a sliding window with a power window. The installation process includes removi... Read More »

Troubleshooting a 1996 Integra Power Window Power Lock?

Honda's 1996 Acura Integra was sold with power windows and power door locks. Each door has a switch that controls its window. In addition, the driver's armrest has a master power window control pan... Read More »

New Power Supply wont get power?

Steps:1. Disconnect EVERYTHING from the PSU (including power cord)2. If it has a vacation switch on the back, turn it OFF (the ZERO)3. Find the main motherboard connector - it has a single GREEN wi... Read More »

Why wont my Remote cpntrol power on the tv?

i think so because u can drive a remote control on night and it doesn't work of any think other then the remote it may be illegal though in some enclosed spaces as there's a danger u wont be able t... Read More »