How to Fix a Pop-Up Camper Roof?

Answer Pop-up campers are the more affordable type for many first-time buyers, and this makes them a popular choice for purchase. The top portion of the camper is usually raised by a hand crank. This cons... Read More »

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How to Put a New Roof on a Camper?

Over time during a heavy rain fall you may feel drips coming from your camper. Mother Nature and excessive traveling will take its toll on your camper throughout the year. It may come to a point wh... Read More »

How to Install an Air Conditioner on My Pop Up Camper Roof?

Pop-up campers are ideal for people looking for a small, light unit for sleeping in while camping. Although pop-ups can come with air conditioners it is not as common as with larger units because t... Read More »

Homemade Camper Rubber Roof Cleaner?

The roofs of many campers and recreational vehicles are made of a rubber-like substance for increased durability. According to the, the rubber material is actually called ethylene prop... Read More »

How to Replace a Roof Vent Cover on Your Camper?

Recreational vehicles and campers use a standardized 14-inch vent covering for allowing air circulation through the roof, held in place with several hex-head screws. The main vent cover uses an alu... Read More »