How to Fix a Pelican Xbox Controller?

Answer The Pelican Xbox 360 controller is a third-party-developed accessory for the Xbox 360 console system. The controller is made from cheaper materials, so the cost of the controller is cheaper than st... Read More »

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How to Fix Your Xbox 360 Controller Thumbstick?

Unlike the traditional directional pad that offers only eight different positions, the thumbstick, also called the analog stick, allows for 360 degrees of motion. All major video game controllers i... Read More »

How to Set Up XBox 360 Wireless Controller for PC?

If you own an Xbox 360, it's just as easy to use your wireless controller to play games on your Windows PC. Gamers who detest playing computer games using a keyboard and mouse should find this help... Read More »

How to Modd an Xbox 360 Controller?

Have you ever wanted to have a rapid-fire pistol or semi-automatic gun shoot like a machine gun...but faster?!?!?!?!

How to Paint an Xbox 360 Controller?

Ever wonder how to paint your Xbox 360 controller, but was too afraid of painting over your buttons, or destroying the function of the controller, but in this tutorial you will be able to make an a... Read More »