How to Fix a New Beetle Door Lock?

Answer The door lock not working on your Volkswagen New Beetle is a big problem that might only appear to be a little problem. There are two main components of the door lock that are likely to be the caus... Read More »

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How to Replace VW Beetle Door Seals?

The door seals on your Volkswagen Beetle are used to help prevent any wind or rain from getting in to the car. If the seals on your door become damaged, it can cause your door panels to rust or bec... Read More »

How to Remove the Interior Door Panels of a Beetle?

Many people still drive and restore older air-cooled Volkswagen Beetles. The Beetle's door panels were made from masonite, which tends to warp and crack over time, particularly if exposed to water.... Read More »

How to Replace the Door Hinges on 1974 Super Beetle?

The hinges on a 1974 Super Beetle are solid, but sometimes the doors sag and the hinges get bent and need replacing. Although it's easier to replace the whole door and hinges as a unit, that might ... Read More »

How to Lock a Door?

Locking your door is a great idea, no matter if you are home or not, to prevent strangers from walking in and performing malevolent actions. If this is your first time locking a door, do not fear, ... Read More »