How to Fix a Loose Jeep Wiper Arm?

Answer The wiper arm on your Jeep is what connects the wiper blade to the wiper motor. It's not unusual for wiper arms to work themselves loose - especially on older Jeeps. This can happen for a few reaso... Read More »

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Directions for a Loose Jeep Steering Column?

A loose steering column is a common problem for Jeep owners, who might use the steering wheel as a handle to grab when getting in and out of their vehicle. If you notice your steering column has co... Read More »

How to Replace the Wiper Motor on a 98 Jeep?

The wiper motor on your 1998 Jeep powers the windshield wipers. The wiper motor uses a circuit-board module inside the motor housing to do this. There is no service life for the motor, however, it ... Read More »

How to Fix the Windshield Wiper Motor on a Jeep?

The windshield wiper motor in a Jeep Wrangler is a small electrical motor mounted inside the windshield frame. Other Jeep models have the wiper motor mounted on the firewall inside the engine bay, ... Read More »

Jeep Windshield Wiper Problems?

A Jeep's windshield wiper problems may extend beyond the blades. The Jeep's wiper system also includes the wiper's arms, pivots, motor and transmission. If any of those malfunction, the wipers will... Read More »