How to Fix a Locked Door on a Kenmore Stove?

Answer A Kenmore stove is automatically locked while it's being used to prevent injury caused by heat exposure. Your oven maintains the lockout feature also if you're running its self-cleaning process. Th... Read More »

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My 3 year old daughter locked the bathroom door from the do i open the door?

it might be like the door like that i have. inside the lock it has a little thing that sticks out and it has a slot for what i would describe as a miniture flathead screwdriver. so basically you n... Read More »

How to Open a Locked Kenmore Oven?

Many homeowners know that no matter how careful you try to be, at some point, the inside of your oven will start to resemble a disaster zone. Food particles will drip and splatter on the bottom--an... Read More »

Instructions for How to Replace a Kenmore Stove Top?

Kenmore manufactures many types of ranges designed for cooking and baking in residential kitchens. The stove top on a Kenmore smooth-surface range is constructed of glass. Although the stove top is... Read More »

How to Remove a Kenmore Drop-in Stove?

Kenmore's drop-in and slide-in stove ranges make replacing kitchen appliances significantly easier. Unlike standard cooktops and built-in ovens, installation and removal of a drop-in range can be p... Read More »