How to Fix a Leaky Car Window?

Answer If you have discovered that your floorboards, seats or car dash are wet following rain or morning dew, it is likely that you have a leaky window, even if you haven't actually seen rain coming in. Y... Read More »

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How to Fix a Leaky Car Window Seal?

Whether you find dampness in your car's upholstery or the windows in your vehicle are fogging up, you may need to replace the seal in your windows. This doesn't call for a trip to the mechanic, how... Read More »

How to Fix a Leaky Auto Window Seal?

A leak from a car window seal can cause a big problem even if it is a small one. It is important to catch the leak in the early stages, but even then it can cause a wet dashboard, seat or floor. A... Read More »

How do you stop a leaky window sill?

Well, it depends how big the leak is.If its small then a little bit of blue tac might fix it, but if its big you will probably need to call someone.

How do you repair your leaky vinyl window?

Areas around the glass and small crack,GE silicone 11 outdoor is great. For a larger frame crack , you would want to add a piece of vinyl, or white plastic and use the ge silicone to adhere it too... Read More »