How to Fix a Leaking Silent Kohler Toilet?

Answer Some Kohler toilet models have a quiet flush design that almost makes them silent. These use lower water pressure when flushing to reduce the noise from the moving water. Leaks from a toilet might ... Read More »

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How do I install a toilet seat on a Kohler 1 piece toilet?

Measure The BowlMeasure the distance from the toilet seat hinge post holes on the back of the bowl, to the front center of the bowl. If the distance is approximately 18 1/2 inches, install an elong... Read More »

How do i replace a kohler toilet gasket?

Remove the ToiletShut off the toilet's water supply, remove the tank lid and flush the toilet. Absorb any remaining water with a towel, then disconnect the supply hose from the water supply valve, ... Read More »

How to Unclog Kohler Toilet Valves?

If your Kohler toilet is filling slowly, it may have a clogged toilet valve. Rust, dirt, mineral deposits and broken bits of valve seals are the most common culprits. There is no need to waste hard... Read More »

How do i adjust the float arm in a kohler toilet?

Open TankLift up the lid on the tank. Set it aside. Be careful, as lids can be fragile and break easily.Locate the Float ScrewThe float screw is located at the top of the water inlet valve, on the ... Read More »