How to Fix a Leak in the Accordion Bellows?

Answer The accordion, also known as a squeeze box, is an instrument used in many different styles of music, from German polka to Louisiana’s Cajun music. Accordions feature a keyboard on one side separa... Read More »

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How to Jam on the Accordion?

Here are some tips on how to play folk music confidently at jam sessions or in a group on the accordion. If you are a beginning accordionist, have trouble picking up tunes quickly, or just don't kn... Read More »

How to Play the Accordion?

The accordion is one of the most interesting instruments, a reed instrument with numerous buttons and keys, making sound with every push and pull of the bellows. It takes strength and patience to p... Read More »

Intake Manifold Leak Vs. Head Gasket Leak?

A head gasket seals an engine as well as the pathways of oil and coolant within the engine. An intake manifold gasket seals the cylinder heads and the intake manifold together. Information on these... Read More »

How to Compose a Song on the Accordion?

You may already know how to compose a song, but there are specific things to consider when composing a song with your accordion.