How to Fix a Lawnmower With Low Compression?

Answer Gas-powered lawnmowers are driven by combustion engines similar in all ways to those that power motor vehicles. The term "compression" refers to the pressure that builds up inside the piston chambe... Read More »

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If you have a tractor and attach something on the back to make it a lawnmower is it considered a lawnmower?

That attachment is called a bush hog. Yes, it is used to mow large lawns. Get you fifty bucks!Definition of "lawn"…Bush hog definitionhttp://en.wikipedia.o... Read More »

What is the best lawnmower?

Can I put old gas in my lawnmower?

Throw it away, gas that has been stored that long has oxidized and turned acidic. Also, the lighter ends (more volatile components) have evaporated and the composition of the gas is no longer what ... Read More »

I have a wireless lawnmower..........?

Sell it and get an iMower instead - far more reliable and a funky design too!