How to Fix a Laptop Issue: The Keyboard & Mouse Stop Working?

Answer Keyboard and mouse problems can occur in a laptop at any time and this does not necessarily mean that there is actually a problem with the hardware devices. The issue can be caused by software conf... Read More »

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Why Does My Keyboard Stop Working on My Laptop?

Due to its small size and portability, components in a laptop are highly integrated with each other. Diagnosis for strange and sudden problems may be difficult. Before you send the laptop to the re... Read More »

Mouse and keyboard not working!!!!?

Try booting to a Linux Live disk. Then delete the 'evolve' folder and see if that does it.

My keyboard and mouse arent working?

have you tried rebooting your pc? and try to unplug the mouse and keyboard the put it back again.

Dell laptop keyboard not working?

Pull the battery out, unplug the power, and press & hold the power key for a few seconds (discharge all remaining electrical charge). Reseat the battery (make sure that you hear & feel the clicks a... Read More »