How to Fix a Honda Civic Front Passenger Window?

Answer Fixing the front passenger window in your Honda Civic does not have to be a difficult task. If you inspect the damage and notice there is a crack that has traveled across the window, you can make t... Read More »

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How to Remove the Passenger Front Seat from a Honda 2003 Civic?

While removing the front passenger seat in your 2003 Honda Civic is not complicated, you must de-energize the air bags before you start working. There are several wiring harness connectors to disco... Read More »

How to Remove a Passenger Seat From a 2003 Honda Civic?

If you need to remove the front seat from your 2003 Honda Civic, you can do so by removing just a few bolts and a couple of wiring connectors. Replacing the seats, repair work inside the car or rep... Read More »

How to Replace the Passenger Side Half Shaft on a 94 Honda Civic?

The passenger-side half shaft on the Honda Civic is attached to a short out-put shaft that is bolted to the engine block. This was done in an attempt to limit torque steer caused by unequal length ... Read More »

How to Replace an E46 Front Passenger Window Regulator?

The window regulators on E46 generation BMW 3-Series cars can eventually fail over time. The regulator is a key part of your electric window's operation. If you have noticed a grinding noise or hes... Read More »