How to Fix a Hole in Nylons, Pantyhose or Tights?

Answer You might think a hole in your nylons, pantyhose or tights means they are ruined. As long as the hole is fairly small and hasn't started to run, your nylons can be fixed and worn again. With this q... Read More »

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How to Strengthen Tights or Pantyhose?

Always ripping your tights or pantyhose? As the cost of these soon adds up, it's good to know that there is an easy fix that might help you keep the tights and pantyhose a little bit longer.

I like girls wearing tights or shiny pantyhose... You?

I'm with you ,the shinier the better.I love shiny pantyhose and shimmery tightS,VERY SEXXY!

How to Make Costume Wings Without Nylons?

Creating wings out of nylons or a comparable material gives your wings an ethereal and enchanted overall effect. The problem is that nylon wings are so common and too much of a "go-to" material whe... Read More »

Is it proper for the mother of the groom to wear sandals without nylons?

On One Hand: Go Without NylonsThe mother of the groom may absolutely go without nylons when wearing sandals. Nylons tend to bunch up at the toe, and can be unflattering when worn with sandals or o... Read More »