How to Fix a Hand Towel Dispenser's Button?

Answer Fixed ButtonHave you ever cut your finger on a hand towel dispenser's mechanical button because the button portion has fallen off? The following steps will instruct you how to fix this without buyi... Read More »

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Do you think a purple hand towel hanging by my kitchen sink would look to feminine?

Just use Irks towel to dry off. She has more than enough!!

This kid slapped my Camera outta my hand an now it will only turn on if i hold the on button. how do i fix it?

. . . I guess bonking her upside the head with it is outta' the question . . .

My kids moved my toolbar with the start button on it to the right hand side some how. how do I put it back?

LEFT CLICK on the task bar where it is and hold the mouse button down. Now move your mouse (while still holding the left button down) to the bottom of the screen. It should move the task bar to the... Read More »

What does it mean when you feel movement rite next to your belly button on the left hand side done a preg test said negative and went doctors and he said probably just my bowel but i think he is wron?

Answer Pregnancy tests are very sensitive and generally give very reliable results past the due date of a period. Also, you would not feel a baby moving until it was around four months after concep... Read More »