How to Fix a GE Profile Oven Door Lock?

Answer The GE Profile oven locks during the cooking process to prevent accidental opening of the oven door and features a control lockout setting to temporarily disable the control settings when activated... Read More »

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Fixing a GE Oven Door Lock That Is Stuck?

GE ovens have a door that locks during the self-cleaning cycle. This reduces the chances of injury should you accidentally open the oven door during the self-cleaning cycle. The door locks automati... Read More »

How do you clean the outside of your oven door after the self cleaning cycleThe top of the oven door is stained from the burn off after the cycle It is stained?

If you mean "hot" as in "electrically live", this wall outlet is dangerous and should be investigated and repaired urgently by a licensed electrician.The reason is probably that the wire going into... Read More »

How to Change an Oven Temperature Sensor on a GE Profile JTP25?

The temperature sensor in your oven sends a signal to your oven’s control panel to turn the baking elements on or off to maintain the cooking temperature you selected. A broken sensor could resul... Read More »

How do I change a light bulb in a GE Profile convection oven?

Unplug the microwave, or flip the breaker to turn off the power to the unit. Locate the screw on the end of the cover over the light, and remove it with a Phillips screwdriver. Lower the cover unti... Read More »